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Our Facility

Family Farms - Where Your Pet Will Feel Right At Home!

Pet Suites: We have two size suites. Both suites are safe and secure with an inside climate controlled area complete with a pet door that leads to your pets private outside patio area. This pet patio is accessible to your pet 24 hours a day.


Pet Play: ​Multiple daily exercise and play sessions, organized by sociability, size and personality, in one of our large dog parks to help ensure your pet has the best time while here at our pet daycare, spa, and resort.  One play parks is setup especially for dogs that are expert jumpers to ensure their safety. We send pictures and updates to you so it helps ensure you have the best and most worry-free time away too!  


To make a reservation please call: (904) 275-4842 or message us on our Facebook page​


Small Indoor kennels

Plenty of Love and Attention

Our small indoor kennels are the perfect size for your small  size four-legged family member.  They will enjoy a climate controlled inside kennel with room to play. They also have a designated small dog area outside to run and play.  


The small suite is $35 a night. Only one dog per kennel. 

Maximum weight: 25 lbs

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Large Indoor Suite with Outdoor Patio

The Best for Your Pet

​Our large suite is the perfect size for your medium to large size four-legged family member or family members wishing to share a kennel suite.  They will enjoy a 10 ft x 5 ft climate controlled inside suite with their own 5 ft x 15 ft outside patio area which is accessible through their private pet door.

The large suite is $45 a night for the first dog, $25 a night for second dog and $20 a night for the 3rd dog from the same family if sharing a suite. 


Maximum weight: single dog-No Weight Limit / Dogs Sharing-combined weight -  300 LBS

Maximum number of dogs sharing a large suite is 3. We also offer a large indoor only kennel for $40 a night. 

Facility Photos

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