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Check-In and Check-Out - Preparing For Your Pets Stay

Family Farms - Where Your Pet Will Feel Right At Home!

Brown Dogs

Check-In (Drop Off)

We Make It As Stress-Free As Possible

Regular check-In hours are between 1pm and 5pm Monday - Saturday.

Early Check-In may be arranged between 10am and 1pm for a reduced daycare charge of $15 per pet, if space is available. 

Upon arrival, you will see a designated pet relief area. It's a good idea to visit as most pets become very excited upon entering the building.  Once you are ready, just bring your four-legged family member inside with all their belongings and we will check you in at the front desk.  All food, treats and other items are documented and put into a personal locker and/or designated kennel suite. 

check-out (Pick Up)

Reunion With Your Family Member

Regular checkout hours are between 9am - 12pm Monday - Saturday. 

Late check-out may be arranged between 12pm and 5pm for a reduced daycare charge of $15 per pet, if space is available.

When you arrive, we will check you out at the front desk.  All belongings are returned and then you will be showered with tail wags and kisses when you are reunited with four-legged family member!

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What to Bring

Packing and Preparing For Your Pet's Stay

We require proof of current vaccinations for Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP prior to your pets stay. 

We also recommend that your pet be current on flea treatment and heartworm prevention.

We ask that you bring your pets food/treats so they continue consuming their current diet which helps prevent stomach upsets.  Please bring food in a ziplock bag or sealed container (amount correspondent to length of stay). No open food bags please.

Comfort items help your pet transition to their new environment.  If they have a favorite blanket, bed and/or toy from home please feel free to bring them.  Each item will be logged in at check-in and returned at check-out.

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