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Pet Daycare and Overnight Boarding

Where Your Pet Will Feel Right At Home!

We know leaving your pet overnight can be stressful for you and your pet.  It is our goal to help make it as stress-free and relaxing as possible.  We treat and care for each pet like family here at our farm.  We use music therapy and aromatherapy for all pets that are boarding with us to help calm and reduce anxiety.  


For pets staying for daytime daycare or overnight stays, we have personalized playtime in our play yards to help ensure your pet has the best time while staying with us.  For pets staying with us overnight, we send pictures and updates to you to help ensure you have the best and most worry free time away too!  


To make a reservation please call: (904) 275-4842 or message us on our Facebook page​


Overnight Boarding

The Best for Your Pet

Overnight pet boarding is one of our most popular services. We pride ourselves on our professional yet fun approach and do everything necessary to ensure your pets are safe, secure and happy.
We work hard to make sure your pet feels comfortable and relaxed.  Their wellbeing is central to everything we do.

Pet Daycare

Plenty of Love and Attention

Great for when your four-legged family member just needs a spa day or when you just don't want to leave your pet home alone. Also great to help first timers transition to our facilities for future overnight stays.


Available 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri. 

$25 for the first pet and $20 for each additional from the same family.  

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